[Audio] Stuart Price reMixes Pet Shop Boys

pet shop boys

When  you’re reMixing SynthPop legends Pet Shop Boys, do you try an bee all hip with whatever sounds are packing dancefloors at the time, or do you think “fuck it” and go all mid-80s reMix? It seems like producer extraordinaire Stuart Price wisely took the latter path and had dropped a track that could comfortable sit on the B-side of any number of 1985-1987 PSB 12”s, albeit with a little more contemporary studio slickness.

As well as drawing comparisons to Shep Pettibone’s classic, pumping, PSB reMixes, Stuart Price’s take on their new single, Memory Of The Future, surprisingly feels like it has a load of mid-80s Front 242 in it’s DNA. The fact that this Extended Mix sounds like extended mixes of our youth is giving us a nostalgic glow. With it’s vintage drum sounds, digital bass and icy pads, this Price mix obviously goes perfectly with Tennant’s vocal, this kind of track is what we’re most used to hearing him on. An excellent update to the classic PSB sound, this one is going to be on repeat for a while.

♫ Memory Of The Future (Stuart Price Extended Mix)

The Memory Of The future reMixes are out now.

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