[Download] Arcadis’ ‘Chicago Alley’



We first wrote about German producer Arcadis back in October of last year, featuring his London Lights EP. Right now we’re checking out his new track, Chicago Alley, and can only conclude that the Deep House producer is working his way toward a concept album fashioned around the theme of cities of the world. Either that or the man just enjoys paying homage to tow of House music’s established homes. Either way his new tune is pretty storming.

Chicago Alley will be right up your…er…alley if you have a penchant for booming, pulsating synths, warm vocal samples and old school Chicago beats. They pay between the tunes deep sine-y basses and the haunting, heavily reverbed vocals create a nice, soulfully robotic, groove jumping over a heavy, heavy beat. Perfect warehouse fodder, drop this when the crowd are right in the middle of the dancefloor trance. Another quality tune from Arcadis.

Arcadis – Chicago Alley

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