Chateau Marmont’s Wargames

Chateau Marmont

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from French Indie-Electro band Chateau Marmont, I think the last track they dropped was Receive And Follow, and that was last year. Now they are back with the first track from their forthcoming new album The Maze.

The track is called Wargames, and it’s an infectious combination of Parisian Indie Cool and Vangelis’ BladeRunner End Titles theme. Rolling with that instantly recognizable arpeggio pattern, Chateau Marmont layer on that particularly French brand of piano stabbing, mysterious crooning, IndiePop and waves of thick analog synths. It’s a track that is light years more Poppier than the band’s previous, more introspective and space-age, output, and has us eagerly awaiting the new album.

Chateau Marmont – Wargames

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