Arcade High’s ‘Only In July’


Bringing a vibe for reminiscing about all the awesome times you had over the summer comes Arcade High with a new, free, single, Only In July. Ryan Boosel is rapidly becoming somewhat of a prolific artist in the old SynthWave game. It seems we can;t go a month with out a new Arc hade High release these days, and he never let’s up on the quality either!

Only In July is Arcade High’s “farewell to the summer”, and he has captured that mood perfectly. It’s a track build ion gentle waves of warm synths melodies that immediately sound like an old friend. Only In July displays a relaxed energy that really does feel like the winding down of a few months filled with love and laughter. It’s not melancholic, just nostalgic and pensive, but in a good way. Ryan’s mastery of lush synth layering and lead lines shines through making each synth one part in an orchestra of good memories.

Arcade High – Only In July

Arcade High’s Only In Julyis out now.

Buy Arcade High’s music from:

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