Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s ‘WTF Is Love?’

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

Little Bear’s London ElectroPop/House outfit Ursa Minor (Little Bear) are gearing up for the release of their new EP, titled Shell. In advance of this five track release they have let slip the EP’s lead track. WTF Is Love, and one of it’s reMixes. It’s evocative stuff.

It’s a deep, deep track. Accompanied by an ominous Acidic burbling the tracks work both a sparse SynthPop/early House mix and Little Bears ethereal vocal line to their fullest. This track has a nice, atmospheric mix of raw Roland drum sounds with vintage House feel and gritty European SynthPop beauty. It’s not even the best track on the EP either! Ular Gray takes things to a Deep House place with his reMix of the track. Even going so far as to deepen the vocals, giving them a haunting, ringing quality that sits well with Gray’s classic, hypnotic, House groove.

♫ Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – WTF Is Love?

Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – WTF Is Love? (Ular Gray reMix)

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s Shell EP is out on 1st October

Buy Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s music from:

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