Todd Terje & Lindstrøm


A couple of weeks ago Norwegian Housemeister Todd Terje released a couple of extended edits of  Lindstrøm’s recent  A-Side Eg-Ged-Osis/Ra-Ako-St. Fellow Norwegian Lindstrøm had already roped Terje in to mix the tracks anyway, so whipping up a couple of Edits seems thing the thing to do. What results is some seriously epic, sweeping, atmospheric Disco.

Eg-Ged-Osis is the more hypnotic dancefloor trance inducer of the two. An undulating, repeating, Acidic groove runs through the track. It takes elements from Balearic and euphoric Trance, but works then in Disco, and strangely Scandinavian, ways. Building and building and building, whipping any dancefloor into a frenzy, Eg-Ged-Osis is relentless in it’s hands-in-the-air groove. Ra-Ako-St is more dramatic and majestic. Rooted in Cosmic Disco the track kicks off with a gritty Italo bassline that soon gives way to more House and Disco oriented tropes and a whole layer of Sci-Fi synths. It’s a space-age voyage through uncharted galaxies, cinematic, but funky as hell. This double A-side might just be the surprise hit of the year in certain dimly lit Disc haunts in the capital.

♫ Lindstrøm – Eg-Ged-Osis (Todd Terje Edit)

♫ Lindstrøm – Ra-Ako-St (Todd Terje Edit)

Eg-Ged-Osis/Ra-Ako-St is out now.

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