Christianoshi début single


London based SynthPop artist Christianoshi’s 21st century Erasure anthem Trust, finally sees release today as his début a single proper. It’s well deserved and a long time coming for this hard working singer who’s been knocking out top tracks for a year or so now. Trust comes loaded with reMixes from Kryn & Krügen and long-time Christianoshi collaborator Trademark.

Trust is the epitome of Christianoshi’s style. Part Erasure, part Marc Almond, part Bronski Beat with a slightly updated production style. It’s classic ElectroPop stuff really, dominated by a pulsating Electro bassline and Christianoshi belting out, full of drama and a massive ‘80’s chorus. Kryn & Krügen bring a ‘90’s tribal dance flavour to the track while Trademark’s slick Pet Shop Boys Disco sound lifts the track right up to the dancefloor. Their Electro Boogie bassline and big synth stabs are hard not to move to and work perfectly with Christianoshi impassioned vocal. the single feels like a manifesto for Christianoshi, this is him telling the world what he’s about, and that seems to be bringing traditional SynthPop kicking and screaming into contemporary music. We eagerly await his next release.

♫ Christianoshi – Trust

♫ Christianoshi – Trust (Trademark reMix)

Christianoshi’s Trust is out now.

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