Monsieur Adi’s ‘Youth’

Monsieur Adi

When French Nu-Disco/SynthWave genius Monsieur Adi dropped his new track, Youth, we weren’t sure if it was his reMix of Foxes’ Youth re-named. Luckily it turned out to be a brand new track. Not that there’s anything wrong with his Foxes reMix, we love it, but it;s always nice to have a new Adi track.

And this one’s surprising. Definitely more big room than we’re used to from Adi. There’s a lot less of Adi trademark excellent orchestration and a lot less of his synthesizer Disco. What we have hear is Adi trying his hand at a sunrise style tune that is ripe for Ibiza this summer. He still manages to work a fair does of his lush strings into the mix, but this one is all about the builds and big post-Euphoric Trance riffs. Should Adi want to continue down this road, he’ll be very good at it, one of the best, but we’ll miss the Disco a bit.

Monsieur Adi – Youth

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