Magic Sword

Magic Sword

Here is a couple of the latest tracks from American SynthWave producer Magic Sword as an introduction to the man. He hails from Boise, the only thing I know about Boise is that where Hewlett Packard is based, I know this because I worked (a long time ago) for Hewlett Packard in the UK and everyone was always harping on about Boise. So let’s see what else Boise has to offer.

Magic Sword makes quite fantastical, 80s influenced, instrumental electronic music. With signature waves of arpeggios and ringing melodies he transports the listener to an otherwordly place. The first of his new tunes, A New Hope, is a mid paced synthetic lullaby. Warm and inviting but with a slight chill coming from some icy synth work. Also released recently is Discover, which shows Magic Swords more upbeat, Italo side. Moodier than A New Hope, Discover brings out some dark Moroder styling and big retro stabs in a track that plays an oppressive mood against bright optimistic chords for a feeling of triumph over adversity. And what 80’s soundtrack is worth it’s salt without a good old triumph over adversity tune?

♫ Magic Sword – New Hope

♫ Magic Sword – Discover

Check out more from Magic Sword on SoundCloud.

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