John Dahlbäck reMixes letthemusicplay


Y’know, there’s only two good reasons we can think of for ‘mystery’ (*gag*) outfit letthemusicplay to keep their identities secret. Either they are really, really, ugly, or the *ahem* “famous producers” they are are really shit. It’s probably David Guetta and Will.I.Am, so embarrassed by their terrible back catalogues they are attempting to start afresh. So in letthemusicplay’s case we will wave our growing tedium with ‘mystery’ outfits and say it’s probably a good idea.

Because the music is really good, even if the marketing is nauseating. Both letthemusicplay’s recent collaborations with Cardiff’s Until The Ribbon Breaks have been impressive as hell, and this new reMix of Don’t Weigh Me Down by renowned Sweedish producer John Dahlbäck just adds to that pile. The track, which was recently aired by Annie Mac on her Radio 1 show, is a powerhouse tune that really rolls with the vibe of the original and layers it up with some big dancefloor moments. While not quite as deep and involving as the infectious original the biting chainsaw synths that lead into massive Electro-House riffs are sure to keep the dancefloor moving.

letthemusicplay (Feat. U.T.R.B.) – Don’t Weigh Me Down (John Dahlbäck reMix)

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