Horror Machine reMixes College


Horror Machine, a relative newcomer to the SynthWave scene, is an 18 year old producer from France who is following in the footsteps of countrymen College & the Valerie collective in making sweet, soundtracky, electronic nostalgia. and what better way to do that than reMixing David Grellier’s modern Dreamwave classic ‘Teenage Colour’.

The riff from ‘Teenage Colour’ is instantly recognisable, but Horror Machine takes the track into calmer, more thoughtful and emotional places. That’s not to say it’s not still a huge dance track, because it still is. Horror Machines Italo influenced beats and layers and layers of thick retro synths are certainly good to whip up the dancefloor. It’s still early days for Horror Machine, and sure, the production is a little rough, but there is tons of potential, and tons of talent in there. Just check out his latest original track, ‘Joli Printemps’, it sees the producer in a much more confortable place. Slick SynthWave with a keen ear for interacting melodies and depth of sound. Horror Machine is definitely one to keep an eye on.

College – Teenage Color (Horror Machine reMix)

Horror Machine – Joli Printemps

Buy College’s music from:


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