Simian Mobile Disco’s new single

Simian Mobile Disco

I still have Simian Mobile Disco to thank for one of the best night out I have had in the last ten years and while their last album didn’t grab me as much as their début I still follow their career with interest.

‘Seraphim’ is the first single from the duo’s forthcoming album ‘Unpatterns’ and is an interesting peice of electronic music after my own heart. It’s a deep track that although strictly a House track contains a lot of Trip-House and Bristol Beat DNA, especially in it’s vocals and it’s dubby use of spacious, buzzing synths.  Even the Acid line just adds to the multi-layered texture of the track. A promising start!

♫ Simian Mobile Disco – Seraphim

‘Unpatterns’ is released April 9th on Wichita Recordings.

Buy Simian Mobile Disco’s music from:


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