Ronika Vs. Lovers & Gamblers


Are Lovers & Gamblers still Little Boots’ personal DJ army? Or have they evolved beyond that (not that there is anything wrong with being Little Boots’ personal DJ army, I’d sign up!). Well, whether they are or not they still turn out a mean edit, and this is the second time they’ve reMixed a track called ‘Automatic’ this one, the better one, being the new single from Madonna Of The Midlands™ Ronika.

L&G strip the track down a bit, turning it into a slightly more minimal Piano led House track. Upping the tempo and adding some shuffling percussion add a sense of urgency (for some reason I kept expecting the track to drop the Paid In Full beat?) but keeps the funky vibe of ‘Automatic’. It’s a nice, ‘90’s flavoured, House compliment to the Disco groove of the original.

Ronika – Automatic (Lovers & Gamblers reMix)

You can pre-order the pay-what-you-want ‘Automatic’ EP here.

Ronika also appears on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1′, out now!

Buy Ronika’s music from:

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