Ronika reMixed by Echoes


Photo courtesy of Katja Ruge

OK, so we don’t normally go in for the whole blog ‘exclusive’ bragging rights thing, we don’t see the point, very little on the internet stays exclusive for more than 30 seconds, and your ‘exclusive’ probably got leaked last week anyway. We always though it was about the music, not the blog. But we are amused by how much exclusivity there is crammed into this one post, so we’re going to mention it. Hypocrites much? What we have here is the première one of our favourite Indie tinged SynthPop acts, Echoes, reMixing our favourite Madonna Of The Midlands™, Ronika, topped of with a exclusive Ronika based display of retro sportswear from our favourite photographer, and snapper to the stars, Katja Ruge. Literally nothing about this post isn’t so fresh it’s still smoking.

Anyhoo, dazzling shininess of this post aside, what Echoes have turned in is a pretty stunning sunrise-beach-party take on Ronika’s ‘Only Only’. Part Balearic, part Progressive House, Echoes strip back the urban dancefloor urgency of the original (and it’s subsequent reMixes) and insured let Ron’s vocals swim about in a sea of chilled good vibes. Echoes have crafted a laid back and emotional slice of summery House with a classy piano line and let Ron’s vocals sit in just the right place in the mix, somewhere just in the distance, so the track washes over you.

Ronika – Only Only (Echoes reMix)

Completely coincidentally, both Ronika and Echoes will be appearing on our electronic rumors volume 1 compilation, released 13th February, and both putting in an appearance at the launch party on the 10th February. Details here.

Ronika’s latest single ‘Only Only’/’In The City’ is out now and comes highly recommended.

Buy Ronika’s music from:

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