[Audio] Echoes’ ‘Fight The Feeling’



It’s been over a year and a half since we reported that Indie-ElectroPop heroes Echoesare putting the finishing touches to a very special début single release”. Well, the single comes out at the beginning of next month and, frankly, we call that just tardy. Not that the guys haven’t been a) knocking out some stunning reMixes, b) re-gigging the band and c) playing some hot live shows in the meantime, but still, when your last actual release was on electronic rumors Volume 1, it’s time to get your heads down and give the people what they want. Still, they’ve gone and got themselves signed to the awesome Wall Of Sound, home to everyone from The Human League to Röyksopp, which is no mean feat, and the single, Fight The Feeling, is sounding amazing.

Energetic and anthemic, Fight The Feeling should come with a government health warning. It doesn’t, so we feel it’s only right to inform you that once you hit that play button, this song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. Easing you into the infectious retro Pop with some gentle resonant synths before launching into an Italo infused bassline and a driving rhythm track. The choruses are where the song really does it’s damage though, mixed up with new girl vocals (the aforementioned band re-gigging) it delivers all that Echoes epicness in the form of an insanely catchy refrain. Having just been PopJustice’s song of the day, we reckon it’s about time for the rest of the world to hear Fight The Feeling and get on board with what been saying for years, Echoes are awesome. World domination awaits.

♫ Echoes – Fight The Feeling

Echoes’ Fight The Feeling is released 9th December on Wall Of Sound.

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