Own one of Katja Ruge’s huge synth pieces.

Were you impressed by photographer/designer/all round Electro-head Katja Ruge’s giant synthesizer tiled photos from her recent ‘Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?’ exhibition? We were! Synths are generally things of beauty anyway, but Kaja’s stylised presentation of them makes each one look like the prefect design.


Well, now you can own one of these impressive works for yourself. Katja has released her vision of the Korg MS20 for your wall or floor. Limited to just 100, the work measures 200cm x 140cm and is made up of 49 tiles.


Looks impressive, huh?

This is how big it is!


Full details on how you can get your hand’s on one of these amazing tributes to analog synthesis at Katja’s website here.

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