College’s ‘License To Dream Mix’


College – License To Dream Mix = Do you sometimes miss the heyday of Valerie? I sure do, not that there isn’t tons of awesome Dreamwave and SynthWave around right now, but in the early days of Valerie there was a certain vibe going on, like this was what we’d all been waiting for. Valerie main man College shows us that things ain’t over yet.

College – License To Dream Mix

The tracklist:

01. Stephen Falken – See The Unseen
02. Ken Scott – Dancer (Single Version)
03. Freak Electrique – Cloud Surfer (reMix)
04. Electrick Dragon – Italian Inspiration
05. College – Blue Camera
06. Maethelvin – Looking For Love
07. Young Monday – A Written Description
08. Yellow Beach Balls – Kissing Tail
09. Smackos – The Age Of Candy Candy
10. Gianni Rossi – Theme From Star Vehicle
11. The Parallax Corporation – Lift Off (Album reMix)
12. Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Lifelike reMix)
13. Synergy – Warriors
14. M83 – Midnight City

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