Social Ambitions

Social Ambitions

Social Ambitions are a Swedish SynthPop duo signed to Electric Fantastic Sound.

Their new single, ‘Commandments’, is released at the beginning of August and is an infectious slice of Classic SynthPop with a contemporary twist. Just shy of falling into the Modern SynthPop trap, ‘Commandments’ boasts an off-beat bassline and those post-Depeche Mode vocals so often found in Modern SynthPop, but Social Ambitions distance themselves from the pack with the ability to write a good hook and a catchy chorus. Sliding chainsaw synths form quite a nice counterpoint the vocals, giving the track some balls. The breakdown is a little ‘90’s Trance’ for my liking but overall ‘Commandments’ is definitely worthy of your attention.

♫ Social Ambitions – Commandments

The track is B-sided with the Kraftwerk-esque ‘Paris’ and released 1st August.

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