Binary Week: Fabian

Not content with being one part of LexiconDon, Fabian Ordorica is also in the business of rocking dancefloors worldwide with his own brand of heavy Nu-Disco tunes.

Big on bass, big on grooves, that’s how you could describe Fabian’s tracks. Huge, pounding rhythm sections and funky Disco riffs guaranteed to keep a crowd dancing are Fabian signatures. His music is, for the most part, feelgood party starters that have earned him a reputation for a kicking live show where his mixes up original productions into a continuous set geared to move your feet.

Over the past couple of years Fabian has dropped a string of blog destroying remixes alongside his original material that have built Fabian up into a name to watch and a mark of top quality Dreamwave.

Mr. Ordorica took some time to give us an insight into his world:

ER: First off, many thanks Fabian for chatting with us.

F: Of course. Anytime.

ER: How did you start getting involved with making music?

F: Well, I started DJing in high school, (house parties, dances etc…). A few years later, I bought FruityLoops and fell in love with production.

ER: Who are your heroes and influences, both musical and otherwise?

F: I draw influences from a lot of places. I started off producing hip hop, and was a big fan of Neptunes, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Dark Child and many other producers. I’m a big fan of music with great drum sounds and drum grooves. For me the drums are what really drive my music.

Fabian – Heatwave

ER: When did the Binary crew enter the picture?

F: We (Josh, Kyle and I) had met before they heard my music. About a year later they heard some tracks that I had been working on for myself and LexiconDon, and they told me that I would fit into a Management company/Label, they were getting started based on local LA producers. So, boom I’m here now.

ER: What came first? Fabian or LexiconDon? Is Fabian to allow you to do things you couldn’t do in the confines of LexiconDon?

F: LexiconDon came first. Alex and I were staying and working out of a place called “Hollywood Sound”. We would mess around with a lot of different stuff, until we formed the sound we have today. That inspired me to start production for myself. Allowing me to find a different style.

ER: Do you have any ‘workhorse’ bits of kit in the studio.

F: My ‘workhorse’ bits are, beating a dead horse. (Haha, you see what I did there), I will beat a drum loop to death with different synths and basses. Then if nothing happens, I move on.

Fabian – 2am

ER: How does Fabian translate to a live situation, do you prefer playing live as Fabian or LexiconDon?

F: I really like performing as a band for LexiconDon. The energy is great between the four of us on stage. I’m preparing to try to match that energy in my live set. that’s my goal. To try to have the same impact, as if I had a full band with me, or to get as close as possible.

ER: When you’re writing a track are they any defining characteristics that suddenly make you think, this is a Fabian track or this is a LexiconDon track?

F: I’ll drive myself nuts before I can decide. I switch up a track so much sometimes, its never the same as what I intended it to be.

TNUC’s video for Heatwave

ER: What does being part of the Binary family mean to you?

F: It means a lot being part of a collective of talented musicians, producers, and DJ’s. I feel honored to be part of this family. We are going to bring a cool new sound to LA.

Fred Falke – Back To Stay (Fabian reMix)

ER: What does the near future hold for Fabian and fans?

F: I’m working on some new stuff, as well as finishing up my first EP. Expect a broad spectrum of production. People who ask me what kind of style I have, I always say its not really having one. I just make what feels right to me at the time, and making sure it sounds good. I’m a huge fan of great musicanship, and that is pretty much limitless. You feel me?

ER: Is Fabian more of a cereal or pile of pancakes for breakfast kinda’ act? Would that change the night after a show?

F: Haha. I don’t think I’ve heard that before. If I think I know what you mean, I would say a Las Vegas buffet (like at the Rio, not that 5 dollar shit). I wanna give people a little bit of everything. It keeps things interesting. And no it wouldn’t change after a show, a buffet has everything, why would you change that?

Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (Fabian reMix)

Fabian’s début EP should be out later in the year.

Fabian @ Beatport

Fabian @ Juno

Fabian @ 7Digital

Fabian @ Amazon

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