Binary Week: Win one of three awesome Binary T-shirts!!!

And so, it is with a heavy heart that we bring our Binary Week to a close.

Over the last seven days you’ve been able to get to know the seven members of the Binary family a little better and hopefully you’ve heard some rad music you’d not previously been exposed to. If you were already a Binary fan I hope you’ve been entertained and interested over the week. If you weren’t a Binary fan before I hope you are now!

I also hope we have been able to inspire you to go and track down some more music from the leaders of California’s ElectroPop scene. Seriously, go and buy the ‘Binary Presents: LA Lights’ compilation, or LexiconDon’s ‘Pink + Blue’ album, or NightWaves’ ‘Sweet Carrie’ single, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And if you’re lost, here’s a recap of the week:

Binary Week: Binary 101

Binary Week: Short Circuit

Binary Week: LexiconDon

Binary Week: Futurecop! & Keenhouse’s Dreams

Binary Week: Keenhouse

Binary Week: electronic rumours mixtape: Pop-Fu 09 ‘Binary Entertainment Special’

Binary Week: Fabian

Binary Week: Alfa

Binary Week: The Kids Are Radioactive

Binary Week: NightWaves

I’d also like to say a massive thanks to Binary’s Josh who helped us get this week organised, he’s been a busy man promoting these last few months but has still taken the time to round up the Binary clan (which must be like hoarding cats!) for interviews.

Right, on to the good stuff! Binary Entertainment have been kinds enough to let us give away an awesome Binary T-shirt to three, yes three!, lucky winners of our Binary giveaway!

You can see the shirt below, I’ve got two of these bad boys personally. Comfy as hell!

All you need to do to win one of these badass shirts is follow these steps:

1) Follow @BinaryEnt and @electronicrumor on Twitter

2) Tweet the following (without inverted commas):

Hey @electronicrumor, I loved your week of @BinaryEnt Dreamwave artists, I wanna’ win myself a T-shirt now! #binaryweek

3) Don’t forget the #binaryweek hashtag!

All the winners names will be written on bits of paper, screwed up and put in my pork-pie hat and we’ll pick three winners at random.

Simple as that! We’ll give you two weeks to enter, ending the competition 5th March and we’ll announce the winners (and contact them by Twitter DM) on Monday 7th March.

So get entering, and get listening to so of the awesome output from the Binary camp!

Binary Entertainment @ Beatport

Binary Entertainment @ Juno

Binary Entertainment @ 7Digital

Binary Entertainment @ Amazon

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2 comments on “Binary Week: Win one of three awesome Binary T-shirts!!!

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