LexiconDon X But Funk X Build & Clancy

So, I was thinking, ‘can I do another LexiconDon post?’. With so many recent reMixes and their incredible début album dropping electronic rumors is becoming inundated with LexiconDon posts. Well, sorry, but the answer is yes, I can do another post, mainly ‘cos they are worth it, but also ‘cos these two new reMixes of ‘Student Body’ are blowing up!

I’m not going to go on about LexiconDon, do a search on this site to read how we’ve hyped them up in the recent months and a review of their album. What we’ve got here is Bit Funk and Build & Clancy taking on ‘Student Body’ for said album. the internet seems to be going ape shit over the Bit Funk reMix, and for good reason, it’s a Disco flavoured floor pleaser which washes the track with French Touch and smooth guitar licks. However, I think I prefer the Build & Clancy reMix, it’s got these nice big 80’s chords, over a pumping Nu-Disco backing that get me going just that little bit more.

LexiconDon – Student Body (Bit Funk reMix)

LexiconDon – Student Body (Build & Clancy reMix)

LexiconDon’s ‘Pink + Blue’ drops tomorrow on dubFrequency/Binary, and keep it locked to electronic rumors for our forthcoming Binary event!

LexiconDon @ Beatport

LexiconDon @ Juno

LexiconDon @ 7Digital

LexiconDon @ Amazon

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3 comments on “LexiconDon X But Funk X Build & Clancy

    • Each to their own Matt.
      I find them hard not to like though, they approach ElectroPop from such a unique direction yet still manage to be pretty pure ElectroPop. I love narrative in music too.
      Still, can’t please everyone, the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same music!

  1. Don’t be sorry. If this were my site, I’d be posting it too. Keep bringing the music, I’ll keep listening.

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