OK, this is a bit of an odd one for us, Torpedo class themselves as “Krautrock influenced…Electronic Alternative Rock”, which would normally make me run a mile (or delete the email immediate) but I gave it a listen, and it;s really grown on me.

I have no idea what their other tracks sound like but never would I have described ‘Islands In Eternity’ as “Electronic Alternative Rock”. There’s a definite Krautrock” influence going on but there’s very little Rock in this (thankfully!). What it actually is, is a cosmic, almost Proggy, electronic track that…actually, no, I see their point, it is pretty hard to describe. Suffice to say that of you like synthesizers and a big epic feel to your music you should give this a listen. ReMixes come from, amongst others, Wahlström & Valiant who turn the track into a big room Electro-House tune laden with ‘wohoop’ sounds and giant stabs!

It surprised me how much I likes this track, but I did, check it:

Torpedo – Islands In Eternity

Torpedo – Islands In Eternity (Wahlström & Valiant reMix)

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Wahlström & Valiant


Hailing from the home of S.P.O.C.K., Malmö, Swede, come Wahlström & Valiant, a ChipTune crew who are branching out in to world of Electro-House, and, man,  have they done a good job.

Keeping an 8-bit feel they have now added big Nu-Disco leads and some killer vocoding. Fast paced cut-up arpeggios keep up the energy while the smooth vocals give the track some depth.

Great stuff!

Wahlström & Valiant – Keep Up (zShare) (MediaFire)

You should check out, not only Wahlström & Valiant’s MySpace but their You Tube channel too!

Wahlström & Valiant @ MySpace

Wahlström & Valiant @ YouTube