Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s new single

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

It’s been a fair few months since we heard anything from London based left-field ElectroPop collective Ursa Minor (Little Bear), but they haven’t been waiting their time as their forthcoming new single proves.

‘Droplet Affection’ is a massive, euphoric Pop tune with more heart and soul than you could ever need. Musically ‘Droplet Affection’ comes across as and, almost Balearic, Summer House track played by a live band, which adds a nice live shuffle to the rhythms and gives the Ibiza style hooks and arpeggios a raw power beyond that of House music. All this creates a swirling, uplifting backing for Little Bear’s heartfelt and passionate vocals to cut thorough and take the track even higher.

♫ Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – Droplet Affection

‘Droplet Affection’ is released on 5th December via Invader Records.

Buy Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s music from:


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