[Audio] Todd Terje’s ‘Spiral’/’Q’


Todd Terje

The Cosmic Disco champion who only thinks big, Todd Terje, is back with two brand new tunes on his new single. We knew a new epic release was due this week, we weren’t prepared for just how SynthWave the single’s lead track, Spiral is though. It’s pretty amazing, alongside it’s B-side, Q, it represents over twenty minutes of blissful retro synth Disco that it’s hard not to loose yourself in. The man’s working on his début full length record, due next year, and these two tracks have us more excited than ever for it’s release.

Spiral is really, really, SynthWave. Surprisingly so for someone so knows for quirky, Scandinavian Cosmic Disco. But Spiral is an 80s soundtrack masterpiece. With a pumping bassline and starlight arpeggios, Spiral builds up a tension, adding vintage synth stabs to the mix until the track pauses briefly for a big drop, then slams on the accelerator with a massive synth riff a thick chords. It’s B-side, Q, is a little more traditionally Terje. Cowbells and quirky, reedy, synth hooks create that tundra sound we are so used to from him. Hypnotic and fun, Q proves Norwegian Cosmic Disco can’t be beat.

♫ Todd Terje – Spiral

♫ Todd Terje – Q

Todd Terje’s Spiral is out now on his own Olsen imprint.

Buy Todd Terje’s music from:

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