[Audio] Todd Terje’s ‘Strandbar’


Todd Terje

The king of the summer, or at least the king of the festival season, Mr. Todd Terje is back with a brand new single, The Norwegian maestro is serving up another platter of typically quirky galactic grooves under the title Strandbar (Norwegian for ‘Beach Bar’). Comprising of three version of the same track, the single hold a Samba version, which didn’t really float our boat as much as the Disco version and the chaotic Bonus take on the track.

The Samba and Disco versions clock in at over eight minutes each, the Samba mix delivering a Jazzy, freeform feel. But it’s in the Disco version that the track really shines. From the opening bars of it;s wobbly bass, you know you’re in for an analog Disco treat. Loaded with cheeky purcussion and raw, space-age, synth work, the Disco version is basically an infectious nine minute Cosmic Disco brap, that gets dangerously, but groovily, proggy toward the end. An organically evolving Disco oddessy through warping synthetic soul that leads you toward a relentless House piano riff that ties the whole track together. This one is reaching for the stars, but never looses Terje’s off-kilter sense of musical humour. The bonus version is an interesting exercise in sweeping synth sound effects and Terje’s painfully intricate purcussion programming, a real treat for fans of his complex rhythms. Get ready for your open air anthem of the summer.

♫ Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko)

♫ Todd Terje – Strandbar (Bonus)

Todd Terje’s Strandbar is out now.

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