Goin’ Old School: Imagination, Front 242 & Tangerine Dream

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

First up is some seriously smooth early ‘80’s, 1982 to be exact, electronic Soul from Imagination and their classic ‘Just An illusion’.

In the starkest contrast possible we have Front 242, with arguably their Poppiest song, ‘Tragedy For You’ from 1989.

And finally some relaxing, experimental, tones from Tangerine Dream’s ‘Tiergarten’ from 1985. Actually the flip side to ‘Le Parc’, one of the greatest synth tracks ever written.

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Tangerine Dream reMixed by Kid Machine

Tangerine Dream

All this week Manchester’s answer to someone who is damn good at writing atmospheric Italo tracks, Kid Machine, has been picking some of his top classic tunes for our ‘Goin’ Old’ School’ feature, so what better way to see him off at the end of his run than with his brand new reMix of Tangerine Dream’s ‘Unicorn Theme’.

Long time readers will know I’m quite a big fan of Tangerine Dream, especially when they are at their most energetic and cinematic. ‘Unicorn Theme ‘ comes from their soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s 1986 fantasy epic ‘Legend’, which gives me an interesting way to describe Kid’s track. Unicorn footage filmed for ‘Legend’ was inserted into Ridley’s 1992 Directors Cut Of BladeRunner (as a Replicant suggesting dream-sequence), and that is exactly what this reMix feels like, the unicorn footage from Legend inserted into BladeRunner. The magic and wonder of Tangerine Dream’s pipes and strings with Kid Machine’s Vangelis-esque rapid fire Italo synths. This reMix draws a line between the two genres of movie, and movie soundtrack, in a way the makes the geek in me really happy. It’s a killer Italo tune too!

Tangerine Dream – Unicorn Theme (Kid Machine Mix)

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