[Audio] Strangers’ alternate Never Enough



London brooding SynthPop outfit Strangers single, Something New is finally out, and it comes equipped with a cracking B-Side, Never Enough (recently reMixed by No Ceremony). The guys have seen fit to unleash this alternate version of the B-Side with a few new touches and vocal help from English songstress Kyiki.

This is a big, bombastic, ElectroPop monster of the stadium variety. Powerful drums, layers upon layers of heavy synths and an epic, sweeping vocal all combine to deliver a rousing opus. Dark and moody in places, with haunting piano against grinding synth bass, the track goes euphoric for the choruses with a wall of spine tingling sound. A B-side worthy of being a a single in it;s own right, you should pick up both.

♫ Strangers (Feat. Kyiki) – Never Enough)

Strangers’ Something New is out now on Just Off Pop.

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[MP3] Strangers reMixed by No Ceremony



The forthcoming new single from London SynthPop trio Strangers, Something New, has been given a moody electronic workout by enigmatic Manchester based outfit No Ceremony. Something New is due for release later this month backed with another new track Never Enough on Strangers own label, Just Off Pop.

No Ceremony take thing deeper and darker with their haunting electronics. Like Minimal Synth, but with more groove, this reMix plays around with vintage drum machine sounds and space synths against brilliant chimes and running hi-hats. It’s like certain elements of the track were honed to pinpoint accuracy and weaved into a tapestry of Post-Punk, House and Experimental Electronics. A welcome addition to the single.

Strangers – Something New (No Ceremony reMix)

Strangers’ Something New is released 13th May on Just Off Pop.

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[Audio] Strangers’ ‘Something New’



Stop the press, there’s a new single from London’s finest moody SynthPop outfit Strangers incoming. Now that HURTS have gone all, let’s face it, shit, it’s time for Strangers to step up and take their rightful place as the best DarkPop act in the country. this single might just be the one to do it. Prepare for epicness.

Something New is exactly the kind of top quality, emotionally rousing SynthPop we’ve come to expect from his trio. Produced by Dimitri Tikivoi (The Horrors, Goldfrapp, Placebo, Little Boots), the track is an orchestra of rich snyths and sparkling, chiming keys. With a hint of the rapturous about it, Something New is a majestic, but melancholy, theme that takes David Maddox-Jones’ vocals and elevates them to a sacred hymn, ringing out, calling the dispossessed to worship at the alter of SynthPop. Y’know, like Depeche Mode at their most religiously weird. Excellent stuff.

♫ Strangers – Something New

Strangers’ Something New is released 13th May, backed with Never Enough on Just Off Pop.

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[Audio] Strangers reMix Jess Roberts & The Silver Rays

Jess Roberts & The Silver Rays

Here’s a brand new reMix from London’s SynthPop rising stars Strangers. they have taken on fellow local band Jess Roberts & The Silver Rays to deliver a rousing synthetic take on their track Money (I Like You Better). Strangers are due to producer some (long awaited) new material very soon, but until them, this storming reMix should keep you satisfied.

The song, Money (I Like You Better), provides a glorious, deep, soulful vocal for Strangers to work with. using that moody vibe as a jumping off point, Strangers put together a coarse, but full of feeling, track full of shifting moods. The drums swing from jump-up military to straight-up dancefloor while the guys lay down ominous bass tones against bright, shimmering, piercing melodies. all this makes for a rich electronic experience and one we hope to hear more from soon.

♫ Jess Roberts & The Silver Rays – Money (I Like You Better) (Strangers reMix)

Check out more from Jess Roberts & The Silver Rays on SoundCloud.

Strangers reMix Kimbra


I think New Zeland songstress Kimbra’s appearances on electronic rumors come along like busses. Just before she broke we featured her tracks and reMixes quite a lot, then there was a period of quite here, but now with some good mixes coming along all at once, the last being Aeroplane’s mix of Two Way Street, she’s becoming a staple feature again. Next up is this mix of Posse from London’s SynthPop finest, Strangers.

Pulsating electronics abound in Strangers’ mix of Posse. Underpinned by a deep throbbing bass, Strangers drop Cabaret Voltaire style Dubby stabs and Industrial noise on the track, providing an enigmatic electronic backing for Kimbra’s husky vocal. If your out and about in London on the 15th November, you can catch Strangers live headlining an amazing night of deep SynthPop, details here.

Kimbra – Posse (Strangers reMix)

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Strangers’ ‘Strangelove’ Mixtape


Strangers – Strangelove Mixtape = Fantastic London ElectroPop trio Stranger’s have put together a classic hour of golden SynthPop and Post-Punk drive with a sprinkling of Tropical Disco. Here’s what influenced the guys work and moves them right now.

♫ Strangers – Strangelove Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Intro.)
02. Crystal Castles (Feat. Robert Smith) – Not In Love
03. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
04. Alice Jemima – Safe/Pain (Strangers Cover)
05. The Cure – LullabyBuy
06. Azealia Banks – Slow Hands (Interpol Cover)
07. Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
08. Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream
09. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane reMix)
10. Michael Jackson – Billy Jean
11. David Bowie – Heroes

Strengers’ Safe/Pain single is out now.

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Strangers reMixed by Superstringz


Last week saw the quite long awaited proper release of London moody ElectroPop trio StrangersSafe/Pain single. The track is doing well and has been generating quite a bit of buzz over the last couple of months, especially after it’s surprise inclusion in the BBC Olympics coverage. To celebrate the release here’s a free reMix from Brazilian producer Superstringz.

The reMix isn’t featured on the single, but weirdly it’s actually better than the reMixes on the release. Superstringz manages to work a rich dance track that still adheres to Strangers general vibe. Loaded with ominous synths and Depeche Mode-esque percussion, the reMix channels Strangers euphoric melancholy into a big House track that still retains all the tracks depth. Go check out Safe/Pain right now, you won;t be disappointed.

Strangers – Safe/Pain (Superstringz reMix)

Safe/Painby Strangers is out now.

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Strangers cover Haddaway


Still riding high on the success of their current Safe/Pain single, London’s dark ElectroPop trio Strangers have taken some time out from being all bombastic and moody to cover Haddaway’s What Is Love? I don’t think, in my entire life, I have ever heard a band cover a classic track and make it their own as much as Strangers do right here.

It’s bewildering. Any connotation, and pre-conceived ideas,  you have of Haddaway’s original, one of the biggest EuroDance hits of the ‘90’s, will completely disappear within seconds of Stranger’s cover starting. It’s like the song was written for them. Stripping the track of it’s staccato EuroPop bassline and Hi-NRG beats, Strangers replace what’s gone with majestic synth chords, brooding military rhythms and atmospheric piano. When they belt out “What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me” as an anthemic lament, you’ll instantly forget the shiny, upbeat, original and totally commit to Strangers moody, emotional vision of the song.

Strangers – What Is Love? (Haddaway Cover)

Safe/Pain by Strangers is out now.

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Strangers’ new video

London’s most bombastic SynthPop outfit Strangers latest single Safe/Pain has only gone and got itself a video!

The song is a rousing powerhouse of SynthPop melancholy and the video, directed by  Claire Coulton, Richard A. Sharpe & Strangers themselves is beautifully dreamlike.

Safe/Pain is out now.

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Strangers ‘Shine On you’ video

London SynthPoppers Strangers’ new single ‘Shine On You’ has finally gone and got itself a video! I’m glad it did, it’s definitely a track deserved of visuals.

Tom Doran directs this clip, with an epic visual style to match the majestic sound of the track. ‘Shine On You’ truly is anthemic  and the video does it;s best to live up to that.

‘Shine On You’ is out this week on Killing Moon Limited/Beatwolf Records.

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