[Audio] Strangers’ ‘Something New’



Stop the press, there’s a new single from London’s finest moody SynthPop outfit Strangers incoming. Now that HURTS have gone all, let’s face it, shit, it’s time for Strangers to step up and take their rightful place as the best DarkPop act in the country. this single might just be the one to do it. Prepare for epicness.

Something New is exactly the kind of top quality, emotionally rousing SynthPop we’ve come to expect from his trio. Produced by Dimitri Tikivoi (The Horrors, Goldfrapp, Placebo, Little Boots), the track is an orchestra of rich snyths and sparkling, chiming keys. With a hint of the rapturous about it, Something New is a majestic, but melancholy, theme that takes David Maddox-Jones’ vocals and elevates them to a sacred hymn, ringing out, calling the dispossessed to worship at the alter of SynthPop. Y’know, like Depeche Mode at their most religiously weird. Excellent stuff.

♫ Strangers – Something New

Strangers’ Something New is released 13th May, backed with Never Enough on Just Off Pop.

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