Stephen Falken just Crusin’


More from the Valerie crew!

One year on from the Valerie and FreeDanger double A-side release by The Outrunners and College it’s time to do it again.

Stephen Falken (named after the creator of Falken’s Maze from the 1983 Broderick-a-thon ‘WarGames’) had teamed up with fellow Valerie staples Maethelvin to bring us another double A-Side 7’”. Falken’s contribution is ‘Crusing’, a laidback retro nightdrive groove with a particularly sweet riff.

Stephen Falken – Cruising (zShare) (MediaFire)

Stephen Falken/Maethelvin’s ‘Crusing’/’The Last Escape’ can be ordered from the Valerie store and is released today!

Stephen Falken @ Valerie Store

Stephen Falken @ Juno