MiGHty mOUse take on Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbusting’

kate bush

you’d have though by now if you’d heard one version of Kate Bush often reMixes ‘Cloudbusting’, you’d have heard them all. Well, thankfully along comes MiGHty mOUse to do something fresh and give the track a new lease of life.

Dropping a slow building slice of Moroder Disco with little hint’s of Dub was the prefect choice for this track and takes it to an ‘80’s lit dancefloor place it hasn’t been before. The percussion in the reMix  is worth mentioning too, with a beautiful melodic quality to it, and the melodies have a percussive quality too which makes for some nice interaction. All-in-all though, if you’re looking for a version of this tune to drop, this is the one. Dancefloor destroying, I believe they call it.

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (MiGHty mOUse Re Work)

The third instalment of MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Disco Circus’ series will be released 10th March featuring the likes of The Magician,Gigamesh and Oliver.

Buy Kate Bush’s music from:


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