[Audio] Cut Copy’s ‘Let Me Show You’


Cut Copy

As you would have seen from our excited Tweets a week or so ago, Australian SynthPop gurus Cut Copy are back in business. their new single, Let Me Show You, was release on extremely limited edition vinyl. Numbering 120 copies, the record was made as part of a demonstration of the vinyl production process at the recent Pitchfork Music festival, copies soon found their way onto YouTube (and onto our excited Tweets), but Modular have releases the track proper online.

You can breathe a sigh of relief too, the track is top-notch Cut Copy. Still loving their tracks of epic lengths, Let Me Show You is a six minute psychedelic SynthPop oddessy. Huge in scope, the track retains a classic Cut Copy sound whilst delivering something fresh alongside. Bright, starlight synths, a trademark for the band, sparkle through the tune, underpinned by warbling synth bass and slick 909 beats. The beats lead the track into a proto-Rave vibe for the choruses, adding subtly House piano and Acidic murmurings to the mix. But, as with all Cut Copy tracks, it’s the distant, hazy vocals that make the track. We’re hoping this means there’s a third studio album on the horizon.

♫ Cut Copy – Let Me Show You

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