Com Truise’s ‘Open’


Com Truise, A.K.A. Seth Haley, SynthWave genius, retro Electro god, and all round electronic soundscape master, has announced the release of a new album, In Decay. Rather than a new studio work, it’s a collection of tracks that have previous only been available as demos online, or not at all, mostly dating from before the first official Com Truise releases.. Ghostly International is releasing the album next month, and have gives us a teaser in the form of Open.

If the whole collection is like Open, then we are very much looking forward to this. Future retro awesomeness abounds in this track. Seth’s massive ‘80’s influences shine through in his Sci-Fi soundtrack by way of Bronx Electro Hip Hop. All tough beats and soaring lead lines. Military funk from the bassline and dystopian synths layer on this track. No-one captures a dark future OST quite like Com Truise and we’re always eager for more.

♫ Com Truise – Open

Com Truise’s In Decay is released 17th July.

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Arsenal, Com Truise & Joakim


Belgian duo Arsenal’s new single arrives next week. We first featured these guys back in May 2010 and since then they’ve released a stray stream of pumping House tunes. Following on on from deep vocal House of ‘Melvin’, the new single ‘One Day At a Time’ features Mike Ladd on vocals and is loaded with some class choices in reMix talent including two of our top producers, Com Truise & Joakim.

Com Truise is, like, the public face of SynthWave. The SynthWave artist it’s cool for your Indie friends to like. So flying the flag for all things retro Electro, we always pay special attention to his tracks, and they are always mind-blowingly good. His mix of ‘One Day At a Time’ is no different. In fact it’s the highlight of the reMixes, with a funkin’ analog bassline and sweeping synths Com Truise turns the Housey vocal into something a bit more New Wave. Electro toms are just the icing on the cake in this track which boarders on electronic Soul at times. Joakim’s effort is a more sunrise affair, a bit Balearic, a bit Tropical, but with a unique rawness to it and an infectious ringing hook. The ‘One Day At  A Time’ collection also comes with Joakim’s ‘Dub’ and a version from JD Twitch Optimo, an excellent package.

♫ Arsenal – One Day At A Time (Com Truise reMix)

♫ Arsenal – One Day At A Time (Joakim reMix)

‘One Day At A Time’ is out this week.

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The electronic rumors Awards: BEST VIDEO – electronic rumors’ best video of 2011!!!

2011 Best Video

There we a lot of cool videos that premièred in 2011, but we fell in love with this year’s Best Video winner instantly, and so did everyone we showed it too.

Com Truise’s ‘Brokendate’ is a brooding slice of SynthWave that’s manages to be both robotic and soulful and it’s retro synth sound is perfectly matched by it’s Will Joines directed mini-movie accompaniment. Paying homage to every classic ‘80’s Dystopian Sci-Fi movie you can think of, the clip captures a Cyberpunk vibe effortlessly but keeps it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek. It’s a video that makes us nostalgic for weekend VHS rentals.

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Com Truise reMixes Foster The People

Foster The People

Foster The People’s last single ‘Helena Beat’ gets a dark futuristic workover in Com Truise latest SynthWave monster.

This new reMix is a growing, atmospheric beast, loaded with Truise’s flawless synth Funk and Sci-Fi soundscapes. Com’s BaldeRunner sound actually works really well with the upbeat Indie-esque vocals, the two styles are quite opposed but seem to give each other room and play off their differences. Having said that, I could listen to Com Truise’s synth sounds all day, whatever they were doing.

♫ Foster The People – Helena Beat (Com Truise reMix)

‘Helena Beat’ is out now.

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Com Truise’s ‘She Melts’

Com Truise

Here’s a slice of synthetic romance Com Truise has just released from his archives.

‘She Melts’ is an LA-style neo-Funk infused Dreamwave jam from the New Jersey synthesizer master. All fat bassline on bright leads, with a glitchy quality to the layers of synths, Mr. Truise shows one again why he is the kind of this style.

Com Truise – She Melts

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Com Truise’s ‘Brokendate’ video

There’s practically nothing about Com Truise’s ‘Brokendate’ video that isn’t awesome.

Directed by Will Joines this ‘80’s Sci-Fi noir is stop-on and goes hand-in-hand with Mr. Truise’s retro future Disco beats.

Com Truise’s album ‘Galactic Melt’ comes highly recommended.

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Com Truise’s ‘Datebar’

Com Truise

Com Truise is about to head out on tour with Active Child and Chad Valley (that’s quite a line up!). While he;s away he’s left us all with a track from his vaults, ‘Datebar’.

What we have here is the slickest of chill synth Funk. Crossing boundaries between cut-up Disco and night drive Synthwave, Mr. Truise does it again with his intricate programming and spartan production that’s like your best memories of summer in the 80’s.

Com Truise – Datebar

Com Truise’s album ‘Galactic Melt’ comes highly recommended.

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Com Truise’s new EP

This week deep Electro Disco dude Com Truise released his new EP, ‘Fairlight’ on Ghostly International.

‘Polyhurt’ is taken from that EP, it’s a spaced-out, blissed-out jam loaded with analog synth Disco goodness and a smooth night time groove. This guy’s really leading the pack in the field of  synthesizer funk. With some epic playing that would make Jarre proud, a rolling bass, and some seriously cosmic lead lines this track is retro futuristic gold!

Com Truise – Polyhurt

The ‘Fairlight’ EP is out now with Com’s début LP, ‘Galactic Melt’ following on 5th July.

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Com Truise reMixes Franklin

The latest Nu-Disco act on everyone’s lips, Com Truise, have reMixed Folk act Franklin for their new single.

Released on Wool Records as a limited edition 7”, ‘I Know’, this reMix sees Com Truise in full-on 80’s Electro mode. haunting, atmospheric synth sounds over fanatic arpeggios and mid-tempo Disco drums take the mix into truly cosmic territory, with only a hint of the bit-crushed madness of his earlier works.

Franklin – I Know (Com Truise reMix)

The ‘ I Know’ limited edition 7” is out now.

Franklin @ Beatport

Franklin @ Juno

Franklin @ 7Digital

Franklin @ Amazon

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