Com Truise’s ‘Open’


Com Truise, A.K.A. Seth Haley, SynthWave genius, retro Electro god, and all round electronic soundscape master, has announced the release of a new album, In Decay. Rather than a new studio work, it’s a collection of tracks that have previous only been available as demos online, or not at all, mostly dating from before the first official Com Truise releases.. Ghostly International is releasing the album next month, and have gives us a teaser in the form of Open.

If the whole collection is like Open, then we are very much looking forward to this. Future retro awesomeness abounds in this track. Seth’s massive ‘80’s influences shine through in his Sci-Fi soundtrack by way of Bronx Electro Hip Hop. All tough beats and soaring lead lines. Military funk from the bassline and dystopian synths layer on this track. No-one captures a dark future OST quite like Com Truise and we’re always eager for more.

♫ Com Truise – Open

Com Truise’s In Decay is released 17th July.

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