[MP3] Strangers cover Arctic Monkey’s ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?’



London’s finest SynthPoppers Strangers continue their quest to bring you a free track every month between now and X-mas. Having previously brought you Sense Of Liberty for July and No Longer Lost in August, and early entry for September delivers a cover of Arctic MonkeysWhy’d You Only Call Me When Your High?. Can you imagine it? Well, you don;t have to, ‘cos here it is.

This is how you make a song your own. We’re not overly familiar with the original, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t built out of ominous bass synths and shuffling, clicking machine beats. The whole track here sounds like it’s layered with an air of danger, from the growling synths to the frantic Drum & Bass finale, the track breathes out a nervous tension that makes the song itself, expertly delivered by David, sound slightly menacing. Three months down.Three to go..

Strangers – Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High? (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

You can download Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High? in exchange for an email address here. Stranger’s latest single, Something New, is out now.

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