[Audio] AlunaGeorge’s Attracting Flies’


London Electro R&B duo AlunaGeorge have gone from humble beginnings to being a music blogosphere destroying juggernaut 9amusingly, the first sentence we wrote about them, two years ago now, was “You really could be looking at the ‘next big thing’ here.”, which I‘m sure earns us internet points, at the very least a ‘Tastemaker, First Class’ badge? Their forthcoming new single was premièred on Radio 1 last night and hit SoundCloud minutes later. We noticed blog posts about two minutes after it went up…it’s 3 minutes long! That’s clout (or magic)!

Anyhoo, the new track, Attracting Flies, is actually one of their best. It’s got the quirky R&B swing these guys do so well, this time with a heavier beat. A live favourite, Attracting Flies sees Aluna at her funniest. Not usually renown for her comedy skills, she spits (albeit in a velvety way) a razor sharp wit on this tune. Bringing a London Soul smoothness to the Electro loving masses, AlunaGeorge continue to have a storming 2013, if they keep knocking out tunes as danceable, catchy and filled with passion as Attracting Flies who knows how big they could become?

♫ AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

Attracting Flies is released 10th March and is taken from AlunaGeorge’s forthcoming début album, titled Body Music. Released on 1st July.

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