All Night Shoes

All Night Shoes

All Night Shoes is a brand new artist from California whose released a few reMixes in the last six months. Unsurprisingly, ailing from California, All Night Shoes has gone down the Dreamwave/Nu-Disco. His new original track ‘Let U Go’ is awash with lush synths and cool vibes.

All Night Shoes sound is a little rough round the edges, the production need a little work, but he’s picked up the Dreamwave flavour nicely. ‘Let U Go’ show a lot of promise with it’s rolling bassline and big thick ‘80’s synths. It;s a driving track that captures enough of the LA beach vibe and mixes it some a harder elements to produce something quite unique. I think All Night Shoes needs to spend a bit of time working on the production, and on some his patch programming, but on the whole it’s a nice début and one which makes All Night Shoes a name we will be keeping an eye on.

All Night Shoes – Let U Go (Original Mix)

Check out more from All Night Shoes on SoundCloud.

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