Doctor Who: New Companion


Wow, it’s pretty rare that a Doctor Who rumour turns out to be true! Usually names and plot points are kicked around the Internet and then the production staff throw us a curve ball, as seen with the casting of the next Doctor, but the two main names filling forums and blogs, in the last few months, for the job of The Doctor’s next companion were Lily Allen and Michelle Ryan. It looks like the rumours were spot on this time!

Ex-Eastender Ryan should fit in well being no stranger to genre TV, having starred in Jekyll (written by Doctor Who’s next showrunner Stven Moffat), the short lived reboot of the Bionic Woman and recently as the antagonist in The BBC’s Merlin.

Starring as “the mysterious Lady Christina De Souza” in one of this years four specials doesn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t return as a permanent companion in the 2010 series (a leap that Cathrine Tate made).

OMG!!! BSG!!!

Well, the wait is finally over. Today sees the first instalment of the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

So, essentially, today is on hold. All today consists of now is a few hours until BSG is starts.

Who is the final Cylon? What happened to Earth? What happened before? What will happen again? Are we going the wrong waaaaaaaaaay?

All will be revealed.

So say we all…