Watchmen still go!


Warner Bros. and Fox have apparently reached a settlement in their ongoing legal battle over distribution right for Warner’s forthcoming movie of Watchmen.

There’s some background on the dispute here.

In my opinion Fox have acted more than slyly throughout this whole affair.

I’m not saying that Fox aren’t within their rights to protect property they own, but the fact that they waited until WB has all but completed the movie, spending millions on it, to bring their claim was premeditated. Obviously, in business, you want to get one up on and ‘crush’ your competitors so I understand why they did this, but, whilst not in any way illegal, it’s a really dirty way to conduct your business. …and I know business IS dirty, but it doesn’t make it right.

I still think that if Fox wanted to protect their properties (rather than making ‘free’ cash at the expense of a competitor) they would have been shutting down the production from the start.

Anyhoo,  the movie’s March 6th release date seems unaffected (did anyone really think it would be?) and as a fanboy of the comic I have complete faith in Zach Snyder, I even trust him to make his changed ending work.

Roll on March 6th!

Oh, and Fox can defiantly Eat All The Dicks!