[Download] Röyksopp’s ‘Poor Leno’ reMixed by Laberge



Röyksopp’s, Erlend Øye voiced, Poor Leno is one of our favourite track of all tie. In fact, Melody A.M. is one of our favourite albums of all time, so it is a brave producer (in our eyes) who tackles such an iconic song. Canadian producer Laberge dived in head first with his reMix, not only playing with perfection, but also doing in completely hardware style, even the sequencing. Y’know what? He pulls it off.

Laberge serves up a storming slice of House with all the trimmings. Whipping up the  tune from a summery, slightly melancholic, introspective wig-out into a bouncy, funky, House jam Laberge build his reMix from layers of loops; keeping the beats tight and energetic and the bass low and rumbling. Morphing snatches of the originals vocals and spinning them in and out of the track he creates something with the soul of the original, but who’s body lives in clubland.

Röyksopp (Feat. Erlend Øye) – Poor Leno (Laberge reMix)

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