[Audio] datA’s ‘Don’t Sing’



Out next week via Ekler’o’shock is the new one from the mighty datA. The Frenchman’s tunes are few and far between, but when he does drop a tune he drops it hard; his tracks  are always so big. This latest single features Benny Sings on vocals and is possibly the Poppiest thing he’s ever done. Don;t come here looking for the chainsaw synths of old, but as far as massive Pop tunes go, it;s pretty subversive.

Drawing in influences from afar afield as rough Electro and Gospel. datA and Benny Sings have put together a massive, cinematic tune full of bombast and drama. The main focuses here are Sing’s powerful croon and a hammered melodic piano; these centrepieces driving the tone and the rousing energy of the song. This rides on a solid dance beat, although the floor-friendly qualities of the track take a backseat the the emotional power of Don’t Sing. A strange but utterly compelling combination.

♫ datA (Feat. Benny Sings) – Don’t Sing

datA’s Don’t Sing is released 9th February.

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