[Audio] Happiness Cage’s ‘UHF Blaze’


Happiness Cage

Happiness Cage is the new side-project from Irish SynthWaver Adeyhawke, who you may remember for hitting the highest point in out Top 20 tracks of 2014 for an instrumental, within the top ten. As this Happiness Cage alter-ego he’s about to release a new EP in the next couple of month, but is already previewing tracks on SoundCloud. Check out UHF Blaze below.

UHF Blaze is a beautiful cacophony, a chaotic collision of  Italo, 80s Dance, Electro-House, ChipTune, even Complextro (remember that?) that all comes together to form a compelling whole. Racing beats, spiky synth basslines, Industrial purcussion, and chirpy melodies all keep the energy relentlessly high; but the track never feels like it’s getting away from you. Seeped in nostalgia enough to feel comfortable amidst the juggernaut groove.

♫ Happiness Cage – UHF Blaze

Check out more from Happiness Cage on SoundCloud.

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