[Audio] Soulwax reMixes Metronomy’s &’Love Letters’;



Devon Indie-ElectroPopsters Metronomy’s new album Love Letters is released today and in a surprise turn of events, the title track and lead single has been reMixed by Belgian Electro masters Soulwax. It’s the first new Soulwax track for quite a while and this six and a half minute epic certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Leading with a chugging riff, Soulwax deliver a fresh slice of their classic sound. This is pure Soulwax. Undulating, slightly Acidic, abrasive synths repeat throughout the track, slowly building to crescendo. With an EBM quality to it, that never detracts from the soulfulness of the use of the original, this reMix delivers a never ending juggernaut of snyth goodness, with a few surprises in the mix to boot.

♫ Metronomy – Love Letters (Soulwax reMix)

Metronomy’s Love Letters album is released 10th March 2014.

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