[Audio] Earl Grey reMixes Paul Johnson’s ‘Let Me See You Butterfly’


Paul Johnson

The latest work from electronaut Earl Grey comes in the form of his contribution to a collection of reMixes of Chicago legend Paul Johnson’s 1984 Traxmen tune Let Me See You Butterfly Released this week the single boasts a whopping nine different versions of the tune. Earl Grey keeps it deep and old school on his hypnotic mix.

With pulsating vintage synths, Earl Grey occasionally weaves into the realm of dark Italo with this one whilst keeping a true warehouse vibe. The bass is think, the vocals space, the apreggios subtly and mesmerising and above all, the beat ticks along in true Chicago House style. Earl Grey is developing quite the knack for delivering interesting electronic music whilst keeping things dancefloor orientated. It’s a fine balance between the experimental and the groovy, and Earl Grey walks the line well.

♫ Paul Johnson – Let Me See You Butterfly (Earl Grey reMix)

Paul Johnson’s Let Me See You Butterfly out now.

Buy Paul Johnson’s music from:


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