[Audio] Joypopp’s ‘D-Day’



As we reported yesterday, French SynthWave producer Daroc contributed a track to the French Le Burgundy Paris L’Album, but it wasn’t alone on the record. Daroc other project, as member of ElectroPop two piece Joypopp also turned-in a brand new tune for the collection. Their particular brand of sweet atmospheric SynthPop since last years Addictions album.

Their new track, D-Day, is a heady buzzing synths and dreamy vocals, with just a sprinkling of guitar. Alix’s siren vocals drifting across the magic swirl of sounds to instil a mood of smoky mystery with a hint of enticement and a hint of foreboding. A nice retro feel is provided by vintage synth sounds, it’s one of those songs that stick with you after you’ve finished listening. This truly is DreamPop.

♫ Joypopp – D-Day

Le Burgundy Paris L’Album is out now.

Buy Joypopp’s music from:


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