[Download] Strangers’ ‘London Lights’



This ain’t New York, This ain’t Vegas, But we’ll go wherever this night takes us” begins UK SynthPop heroes Strangers’ ode to London town. It’s November, which means there’s just this tune, and then December’s tune, until then end of Strangers free-track-a-month project. Now, we haven;t got a crystal ball or anything, but we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for December’s contribution to be a cover of Wham!’s Last Christmas. Just sayin’.

Shimmering 90s beat meld with rich 80s synths in one of Strangers finest tracks to date. A love song both to a person and to a city, David’s urgent, dramatic, vocals lend the track a cinematic quality as the track rushes along, taking you with it. That’s not to say it’s a fast tune, it’s isn’t (gliding over a mid-tempo, slightly R&B, rhythm) but it’s theme of running-into-the-night drives the song’s emotional core and gives the layers of warm synth work a frantic quality. A big, inspiring, track. This one is Power-SynthPop at it’s finest.

Strangers – London Lights

Strangers’ London Lights is available for download now.

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