[Audio] Strangers’ ‘Don’t Lie To Me’



Last week we wrote a little something about London SynthPoppers Strangers’ cover of Arctic Monkeys’ Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?, a free download that we mentioned was September’s instalment in Strangers’ free-track-every-month-until-X-mas effort. That was a massive lie, because here, three days later, is September’s actual free track, Don’t Lie To Me. What can we learn from this? Strangers never sleep, that’s what.

Don’t Lie To Me is Strangers hitting going gritty. It’s a dark, sleazy tune in the tradition of the best 80s SynthPop. Pounding Industrial beats, growling bass synths and screaming drones make up the soundtrack as David delivers his vocals with an undercurrent of Dave Gahan-esque aggression. In fact, this is the most Depeche Mode-like tune from Strangers to date, and that’s no bad thing, especially as with their contemporary influences and David’s unique voice the cam take the DM sound and really make it their own.

♫ Strangers – Don’t Lie To Me

Don’t Lie To Me will be available to download next week.

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