[Audio] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Beloved’ reMixed by Tiedye


Say Lou Lou

Sweedish Disco duo Tiedye. Terrible band name. Excellent reMixers. Just take their latest work, the B-side to Better In The Dark, forthcoming single from Say Lou Lou, Beloved. As with most Say Lou Lou singles, Beloved is epic DreamPop at it’s finest. All floaty and hard to focus on but doing just the right things at just the right times, Tiedye, take that vibe and drag it onto the dancefloor of a boogie.

This reMixes swirling synths actually give it a Dreamwave air, the bright arpeggios instilling it with a sense of nostalgia. Which, of course, plays right into the sisters dreamy vocals. Tiedye mange to get all euphoric without going too far down the cheese route, which is tricky business that they have pulled-off quite nicely. Also, there’s a really nice snare in this track. Listen out.

♫ Say Lou Lou – Beloved (Tiedye reMix)

Say Lou Lou’s Better In The Dark is released 25th November.

Buy Saint Lou Lou’s music from:

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