[Video] Ekkoes cover Lorde’s ‘Team’


EKKOES   Team  Lorde Cover    YouTube

Ekkoes have kinda’ grown up with us, and us with them. having featured on or  electronic rumors Volume 1 compilation and played the launch party we consider them extended fam. A lots happen to one of the UK’s finest SynthPop outfit in the past year, signing to Wall Of Sound, line up changes and now a name change from Echoes to Ekkoes (which we think is probably a good move, make them more searchable).

To kick off the new name the trio have covered Lorde’s Team is massive style. We’re pleased to be able to bring you the first look at the video for the track (which is available as a free download). The sons sounds massive in these guys talented hands, check out Ekkoes in all their performance glory right here.

Ekkoes’ Team is out now.

Buy Ekkoes’ music from:

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