[Mixtape] Du Tonc’s ‘Mixtape 2’



Du Tonc – Mixtape 2 = Ho! It’s the second mixtape from MiGHty mOUse and Matt Van Schie’s Du Tonc juggernaut. Expect a tight-as-hell hour of left-field Disco and Cosmic sounds mixed up with a little island swing and some surprise Italo.  The duo have also decided to give away their début single from January this year, Darkness, here, and their second single, Surging Memories, is getting a re-release with a full reMix package just in time for X-mas.

Du Tonc – Mixtape 2

The tracklist:
01. Campion – Another Day (Original Mix)
02. Beard In Dust – Revolution In Mordor
03. Beard Science – The Philly Bus Stop (Bead Science Disco Dub)
04. Drop Out Orchestra – Come Home 2013
05. Crusaders – My lady (Purple Disco Machine Re Edit)
06. Art Of Tones – I Don’t Think That’s Music
07. Rayko – Excitation
08. Dinosaur Jr. – Feel The Pain (Leo Zero Edit)
09. Matis Aguayo – Menta Latte (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
10. Kolsch – Goldfisch
11. The Magician – Enchanted Land
12. Kolsch – Zig (Original Mix)

Buy Du Tonc’s music from:

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