[Audio] Ayer’s ‘Black Diamond’



Brooklyn based Ayer, a collaboration between singer Danny Schmittler and Noosa album producer Mickey Valen, have unleashed a brand new single on the world. We loved their début tune, Circle Down and it’s follow up, Young; and this new track, Black Diamond, certainly continues in his trend of Erasure-meets-Brooklyn sound.

Kicking off with low key synth warbles and Danny’s dramatic vocals, Black Diamond soon builds into a full-on SynthPop epic. Majestic and sweeping; Ayer’s new single is catchy as hell in a smooth way. With a slight not to classic 80s SynthPop, in fact, not even SynthPop, just 80s Pop, in it’s unbridled theatricality this tune is a welcome addition to Ayer’s repertoire.

♫ Ayer – Black Diamond

Ayer’s Black Diamond is out now.

Buy Ayer’s music from:


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